Printing & Publishing

PT Reycom Printing Solusi (PT RPS)

To complement our document management services, we also provide a comprehensive range of printing services under the banner of PT Reycom Printing Solusi (PT RPS). In addition to printing, we also provide finishing services and delivery of the printing products to corporate clients and individual customers. For printing, we primarily offer two types of services: general printing and variable data printing.

Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing is a process wherein the individual sheets of a single print run contain different data. This kind of printing process is generally used to print credit card bills, telephone bills, and other such billing sheets, where each sheet is a standardized printed form that has a different recipient’s name, address, billing amount and other information that is specific to the individual consumer. With variable data printing, the time of the manual consumer printing process has now been replaced by the artificial intelligence of variable data printing technology which is capable of accurately recognizing the required information to be printed on each individual billing sheet.

Supported by Inserting Machine

Our variable data printing machine is also complete with inserting machines that automatically insert each printed sheet into an envelope ready to be sent to each individual recipient. The inserting machine is not only able to recognize the printout for each individual to whom a billing letter will be sent, but can also be programmed so that each recipient will not only automatically receive the correct bill, but also include additional printed materials such as brochures, promotion flyers, etc. The inserting is even capable of inserting different types of additional printed materials intended for different recipients. A variable data printing system supported by an inserting machine has the following advantages:


Provides accurate envelope insertion

Because the inserting system is done automatically, there is no risk of mistakes arising due to the data for one person being mixed with the data for another person, as in the case of a billing sheet in the name of one person being erroneously included as a second sheet in a billing letter which is intended for mailing someone else.

Provides highly significant time savings

Printing billing sheets with variable data printing machines results in very significant time savings compared to ordinary printing. We currently own a variable data printing machine that is claimed to have the highest printing speed in the world.

General Printing

In addition to variable data printing, we also carry out generic printing, which is a commonly used printing process for brochures, posters, invoices, books and other printing products with various finishings such as: Wire Binding, Hardcover, Perfect Binding, Rivet Binding, Embossing, Hotprint, Etc.


As a new innovation, RDS Group also developed a web-based printing service Photobook site that provides a means of image processing including album design to printing and direct transfer to your home.


Besides the support of our own wide array of equipment and resources, our success continues to be supported through the close ties we have with our partners who provide us with technology updates and other forms of support. PT RPS has good relationships with the principals of famous brands, such as:

Hardware: Fuji Xerox, Oce, Pitney Bowes, Canon, HP

Software: XMPie, HP Exstream

Delivery Service

As a fully integrated part of our general printing and variable data printing services, we also provide document delivery services to both companies and individuals. For example, an individual delivery is for credit card billing, and police insurance, in which we send all documents to thousands of different addresses. Tracking and reporting services for sent document confirms the delivery status to clients.

Assets and Technology

In order to support the quality of our services, PT RPS operates in an office and 4 other branch offices supported by sophisticated computerized systems using technologies of Microsoft Navision ERP System, and other supporting assets which include:

  • 1 unit of High End Ink Jet Full Color Web Press Printing System (speed up to 1,400 ppm).
  • 8 units of High End Monochrome Printing System (speed up to 314 ppm).
  • 2 units of High End Color Printing System (speed up to 68 ppm full colour, 136 ppm in 2 colour and 272 ppm monochrome in one press).
  • 5 units of Production Inserting Machine.
  • Multiple Finishing Equipments to serve a variety of printing and publishing needs.
  • Document delivery fleet.